Q: how long do I HAVE ACCESS?

A: You have access to the course and all future updates for the one purchase price forever (or for the life of click first aid - whichever comes first!)

Q: will i earn a first aid qualification from this course?

A: No. Our course has been designed to provide the most relevant knowledge and skills needed by parents and carers but as there isn't any assessment, there is no qualification attached to the course. Everything we teach, however, is covered in similar qualification courses.

Q: what happens if the first aid guidelines change?

A: If the guidelines change, we will update our video modules accordingly and notify all of our members of the changes.


Q: can I take this course if i'm not in australia?

A: Our Family First Aid course teaches in line with the guidelines of the Australian Resuscitation Council. Other countries may have different guidelines or specific regional differences. As such, we recommend finding a local training provider.


Q: what if i feel like i need further training?

A: While we feel like we have developed a pretty robust training course to provide the key skills needed in the most common family first aid situations, if you feel like you need more training then we encourage you to seek that out. There are plenty of fantastic face-to-face first aid providers in all metro and most regional areas.


Q: do you offer face-to-face courses as well?

A: No. Our aim at Click First Aid is to continue to provide our training on demand, as we know how time poor parents, expecting parents and carers are and as such, how tricky it can be to find time to attend a face-to-face course.